Above Ground Pool Installation

We constantly get questions about proper above-ground pool installation. The biggest question is why are there so many different costs for install? I thought it might be beneficial to discuss why some above-ground pool installation is $500 and some are $1,000.

Proper Installation

First, many above-ground pool installation workers are not insured. They don’t carry the proper liability or workman’s comp policies. We highly suggest asking for written policy information before having your above ground pool installed

What’s wrong?

In most cases, it’s the way the is completed that is the biggest difference. Some above-ground pool installations can build 3-5 pools per day. By contrast, we will typically build above-ground pool installation per day. They accomplish 5 by cutting serious corners in the above-ground pool installation. A proper above-ground pool installation starts with a near-perfect excavation. At Recreation Wholesale, we allow for a dig to be no more than an inch or so out of level. The reason for this is that the pool sits on virgin dirt (undisturbed). We have seen many pools installed 5″ or more on fill dirt. This means the dirt in between the blocks in sitting on fill. Done correctly, each block and the track in between is to sit on undisturbed earth. Each pave stone must be dug down into the earth. If this is done properly it can take 2 hours just to dig the blocks in.

Short cuts

The faster above-ground pool installation might use up to 7 tons of sand for a 24′. This is done so that the installer can spread some sand thick and some thin. This is compensating for an uneven dig. The sand will typically wash away from this type of above-ground pool installation. The cheaper pools will include “overlap” liners. This is so the installer can raise and lower the liner to compensate for the uneven bottom. The homeowner will see a lot of liner on one side and a little on the other. Our pools are sold with beaded liners so the bottom has to be right. As an added benefit, the liner is MUCH easier to remove down the road. The beaded liner is typically much more expensive but well worth it!

The bottom line

At Recreation Wholesale, we feel like it’s better to spend a little more on the above-ground pool installation upfront. Using higher quality components makes for a better pool down the road. Learn more about our Above Ground Pools.