Above Ground Pool Liner

We’re often asked what is the gauge or mill of your above ground pool liner? This question is often generated by customers doing research on the internet. In today’s internet retail world it’s increasingly difficult to separate a quality liner from a poorly made above-ground pool liner. Most consumers assume that thickness rating is the answer. That’s not always the case. The term Gauge does not apply to plastics and cannot be used to measure an above-ground liner. The term Mil is a measure of thickness.

So what’s the deal?

The problem with a Mil rating is that a thicker liner is not always better. In recent years, the Chinese have figured out how to add chalks and clays to the vinyl. This makes for a thicker liner but a MUCH lower quality liner. The fillers promote drying out and cracking. They don’t typically stretch in as well either. All these factors will surely cause the premature death of your liner.

Buy your quality Above Ground Pool Liner at Recreation Wholesale.

Recreation Wholesale is a proud member of the Millenium Buying Group which is probably in the top 5 buyers of above-ground pool liners in the world. We have discovered how to measure quality in an above-ground pool liner. The lion’s share of raw material in a quality liner is called a plasticizer. This is what gives vinyl its stretch and resiliency. It’s by far the most expensive component as well. The plasticizer is extremely dense which means it’s very heavy. We have learned to weigh each manufacturer’s liner. Amazingly, we see as much as 35% differences in weight on the same size above ground pool liner. We currently buy the heaviest liner made. We don’t use any recycled vinyl or Chinese material. Feel free to come into the store and see the difference! Learn more about Above Ground Pools.