Endless Pool Swim Spa

Many medical professionals and exercise gurus are beginning to see the value in an endless pool swim spa. Many people call them to exercise pools. The biggest single advantage of the endless pool swim spa is that the body can generate a tremendous almost completely adjustable resistance therapy without generating any impact or stress to our joints and bones. Hydrotherapy has been around almost since the beginning of time. Water is therapeutic by itself but when a specific temperature can be set to optimize your heart rate and then create resistance with no impact…..you have the perfect exercise environment. Our endless pools swim spas feature large, adjustable jets at the end of the spa so you can create up to a 30 mph current to swim or walk against. We find that most end users of the endless pool swim spa will use a low-speed current and walk against it swinging their arms forwards and backward. This increases the heart rate and also helps with muscle tone. Again, the endless pool swim spa can do all of this with no impact on the joints.

Our endless pool swim spas feature independent heating units so you can set an exact temperature regardless of the time of the year. Medical professionals recommend specific temperature ranges for optimal heart rate efficiencies. Exercising too warm or too cold is inefficient and potentially unhealthy. Some of our endless pool swim spas have some advanced options like rowing systems, treadmills, and swim resisters. In fact, some of our endless pool swim spas have some high-end luxury features like stereos with blue tooth, multiple waterfalls, pop-up speakers, LED lights, deep tissue massage stations, and many more features. Recreation Wholesale might be one of the only places in Kansas City where you are welcome to try out an endless pool swim spa for yourself and see what all the experts are talking about.