Hard Cover Hot Tub

The hottest topic in today’s hot tub spa market is the hardcover hot tub. Hot Tub Spas have been in the mainstream for close to 40 years now. The amazing thing is that up until now, the hot tub cover has remained largely completely unchanged. It consists of vinyl wrapped around a foam core. There are many different variations of quality and options but for the most part, the Hot Tub cover is exactly as it has been. That is until now. Strong Spas has revolutionized the cover by inventing the Hard Cover Hot Tub.

The reason for the failure of most hot tub covers can range from sun damage to wind damage to ice damage to even dog damage! The Strong Spas Hard Cover Hot Tub has ended all that. The Hard Cover Hot Tub is made from a roto-molded resin which is not to be confused with plastic. Resin is a petroleum-based product so it is impervious to UV damage, temperature, and even impact. We can literally hit the Strong Spa hardcover hot tub with a baseball bat as hard as we can swing it…no damage at all. We’ve seen straight-line winds up to 70 mph that doesn’t even vibrate the cover…and that was before we locked it. Many customers ask if hot tub covers are lockable. The answer is always yes but most vinyl covers can be opened with a pocket knife in under 2 seconds. The Strong Spas hardcover hot tub can literally be locked to the point where it would take a chain saw to open it. Now that should suffice for curious kids or grandkids.

In summary, the strong spas hardcover hot tub will save our customers thousands of dollars over time by not having to replace the old moldy, waterlogged, faded, cracked, peeled, discolored vinyl hot tub covers.