Inground Pool Builder

Lee’s Summit inground pool builder is off to a great start. The team at Recreation Wholesale officially dropped our first liner today which marks the beginning of what we hope will be a banner inground pool builder season. Mother nature was kind enough to give us a sunny and 75-degree day which helps the liner “melt” into the pool. When the temperatures are below 60 degrees, the vinyl liner remains stiff and does not want to pull into the pool giving it a proper fit. A smart inground pool builder will wait for the correct temperatures to drop the liner eliminating the chances for wrinkles or worse yet….undo pressure on the liner from trying to pull too hard.

It’s funny, you can get away with dropping a vinyl liner on a sunny day that may not be as high as 65 degrees because the UV from the sun will heat the liner as though it were in a microwave. At the same time, some liners remain stiff on a cloudy day even though the temperature may still be close to 70. The very best day to drop a vinyl liner is a sunny day over 85 degrees. A high-quality vinyl liner will have a large plasticizer content. This is the additive that allows the vinyl liner to stretch without tearing. A liner made from virgin vinyl (not recycled or filler augmented) will stretch the best in the right conditions.