Low Chlorine Inground Swimming Pool?

Most people who are either trying to manage an existing swimming pool (above ground or inground) in KC are trying to figure out how to reduce the need for chlorine in their inground or above ground pool. It’s true that Chlorine is a toxic chemical and the less you have of it, the better off you are from a health standpoint. The problem is that bacteria and algae need to be contained on a constant basis. Commercial inground pools need to test up to 5ppm (parts per million) and most residential pools are around 3-4. Some consumers go to a salt inground or salt above ground pool thinking it’s a healthy alternative to chlorine. In fact, it’s the exact same chemical, it’s just being made on a constant basis. At Recreation Wholesale, we feature a solution that reduces chlorine demand in above-ground pools and inground pools all the way down to 1ppm which is virtually undetectable.

With this solution, the only reason we need the 1ppm is that it’s impossible to block to the sun which feeds algae. If algae didn’t exist in inground pools or above-ground pools, we wouldn’t need it at all. In fact, we use 0ppm in our spas and hot tubs in Kansas City because they are not exposed to light. Come and see what we’re talking about…you won’t believe what this will do for your inground swimming pool or above ground swimming pool.