Salt Pools Remain Strong In Kansas City

Salt Pools remain strong in Kansas City It seems virtually every in-ground pool we quote in Kansas City or Liberty, MO starts with a conversation about a salt system. Salt Pools can be fantastic but the inground pool owner must be very careful. Many inground vinyl liner pool owners don’t realize that a Salt System is actually just naturally manufacturing chlorine. Maintenance for the inground pool appears to be easier because the salt system is actually maintaining a steady level of chlorine which means the pool owner doesn’t need to shock the pool as much. This is where issues can present themselves. Many owners will assume that since the Pool looks good, all must be great with the chemicals.

A Salt Pool can become extraordinarily high in PH or chlorine levels which can damage the vinyl liners, pumps, filters, and coping over time. High PH can cut the life of a Vinyl Liner in half or more. So please remember to check your water chemistry in your Kansas City Inground Pool on a regular basis and you’ll be just fine! Stay tuned for options to a Salt Pool.