Stealth Semi In Ground Pool

A new product called the stealth semi inground pool has hit the market with tremendous success.  We realized that the pool market had a gigantic hole in it (no pun intended).  Above ground, pools sell for $6,500, and in-ground pools start as low as $40,000.  Many customers don’t like the way an above-ground pool looks but can’t justify spending in-ground pool money.

The Solution

Enter the stealth.  Now, we can completely bury a steel wall stealth semi in-ground pool for as low as $14,950.  These are 14 gauge galvanized steel walls that will easily last 30 years or more.  The Stealth pool will give the homeowner the flexibility to build their deck, have concrete poured, or a mix of both.  If your yard slopes significantly downhill the stealth semi in-ground pool can be fully buried on the front end and exposed on the back end.  No need for bringing in thousands of dollars of dirt or expensive retaining walls.