Virtually Chemical Free Hot Tub

The question has often been asked, what if they could create a virtually chemical-free hot tub? Well, that is now a reality with today’s science. In the past, it was up to Bromine or Chlorine to clean the water in a hot tub. These bactericides work very well and always have. The problem is that the water almost always smells like very strong chemicals. The other disadvantage is that the effectiveness of a bacteriacide is only as good as the content in the water. Depending on what needs to be killed in the water, chlorine or bromine can be gone as quickly as hours after its been added leaving the water unprotected. Bacteriacides are very abrasive to our bodies which is what causes the famous dry skin problem. Because we need to constantly add bromine or chlorine to our hot tub, the dissolved solids get very high, very quickly. This results in having to drain the water and refill the hot tub every 3 months or so.

Those days are now behind us. Today’s technology has brought us Enzymes for our hot tub. What’s so great about enzymes? EVERYTHING! They are not a noxious bacteriacide so we don’t have that bad smell and dry skin. There is no powder so we aren’t building up solids. The water in my personal hot tub is 3 years old. Of course, I’ve had to add water over time but the base water was still there in my virtually chemical-free hot tub. An enzyme is neutral (unlike chlorine or bromine) so it doesn’t typically cause PH and Alkaline to swing wildly. The enzymes eat oils and soaps so we don’t need defoamers and clarifiers anymore. The result is simply magic. This product is exclusive to Recreation Wholesale in the Kansas City Hot Tub market but it will work in other hot tubs as well. In fact, it seems to work best/fastest in hot tubs that have some “nature” in the lines. Come into the store and try it out. For customers that mention having seen this blog, your first 30 days will be free!