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Quality Build Features

Quality is only as good as the people, processes, and parts behind a product. For over 60 years, Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs have been exceptionally engineered with only the best materials to ensure superior quality and provide you with an amazing experience every time!

Additional Features

PowerPro™ Jet Collection

Jacuzzi’s® PowerPro™ Jets deliver an adjustable high-flow, low-pressure hydromassage that feels like no other. Utilizing the Venturi (fluid pressure) effect to create the perfect balance of air and water.

Deep Tissue

Using the principles of reflexology, a vigorous, deep-muscle massage with broad coverage resembles strong hands deeply kneading large muscles.

Muscle Release

Circular, kneading, and rhythmic movements of Swedish techniques deliver a bold, targeted massage increase circulation and promote relaxation.

Pressure Point

Shiatsu-style fine finger pressure technique delivers soft, targeted streams of water to stimulate vital acupressure points to release strain and discomfort.


Mimicking the feeling of delicate fingers massaging soft tissues, the gentle, broad coverage of comforting bubbles cradle the skin and soothe your senses.

SmartTub™ System

From an app on your smart device, you can enjoy the next generation of spa ownership. The exclusive SmartTub™ system is engineered to maximize your relaxation, recovery, and energy-saving potential. It’s easier than ever to use and maintain your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub.

Water Care Technology

Filtration is a necessary component to keep your hot tub clean. The water management process in Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs makes maintaining your hot tub simple and easy so you can spend more time enjoying it


CLEARRAY Active Oxygen™ technology harnesses the power of air and light to work harder and keep the water clean longer. The advanced oxidation process destroys contaminants and waterborne pathogens resulting in cleaner and clearer hot tub water.


Stages 1 & 2 

The ProCatch™ bag and surface skimming weir work together to clean the water surface while trapping large debris for easy removal.

Stage 3

The ProClarity® filter on the ProStream™ circulation pump helps ensure clean, sparkling water quickly by catching tiny debris that other filters miss.

Stage 4

The ProStream™ circulation pumps pull the water through a ProClear® filter that works to clarify water even when the jets are not running.

Stage 5

The ProClear® filter operates with your hot tub’s hydromassage pump to remove large and small particles providing clean and clear water.

Built with You in Mind

Match your hot tub to the existing features of your backyard with ease. Our shell and cabinet options make it easy to create a stylish and customized installation. The durability and quality of your hot tub remain constant, no matter which combination you desire.