KCI Expo Center, Hot Tub & Swim Spa Blowout Expo

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KCI Expo Center Hot Tub & Swim Spa Blowout Expo

KCI Expo center hot tub & swim spa blowout expo

Buyer beware of the KCI Expo Center hot tub and swim spa blowout expo that is rolling into town this weekend. The show uses 800-spa-sale as its title and is being held at the KCI Expo Center. Shows like this have become very popular all over the country in recent years. It sounds like a great opportunity to save thousands on a hot tub or swim spa.  They say it’s your opportunity to compare 6 different manufacturers in one place.  In reality, it’s a team of extremely high-pressure salespeople bluffing consumers into making a pressured decision on a major purchase.  It’s only one sales company using multiple stickers.


How do they work?

The average sale is 20% higher than typical local dealer charges for an equal product. There is only one company involved and they are not a manufacturer in most cases.   This weekend’s show appears to be either Master Spas, Hawkeye Spas or Barefoot Spas. At this time no one is answering the 800 number so there is no way to tell what Brand it is. These 3 mafufacturers do not have local dealers for support.  They will usually try to contract with a local service only company for service.  If the service company doesn’t want to help, there is no one left.

We get 10-15 calls per year from customers that purchased as past shows and can’t get any service help.  Typically, a quality spa manufacturer doesn’t need to sell its products by bait and switch high-pressure sales team at weekend shows like the KCI Expo Center hot tub and swim spa blowout Expo.

Why avoid them?

Recreation Wholesale hates to cast a negative light on anything to do with the spa industry.  We recommend doing deep research on the company before making a major purchase.  We couldn’t identify what company is actually taking your money.  Don’t be fooled by internet review sites that are not independent.  Google is the only truly independent, non biased review site.  It’s easy to put up a site with bogus reviews. A spa is a major purchase and should bring years of enjoyment and quality time for your family. Even the best-made spas in the world require service and training. A poorly manufactured spa can require a TON of repairs.

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