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Pools vs. Swim Spas

Pools vs. Swim Spas

Pools vs. Swim Spas


If you are thinking about getting a swimming pool vs. a swim spa for your home, there might be a few things holding you back. The cost of a pool can be significant, for starters. Along with that, you have to consider installation time and cost as well as maintenance. Deciding on the size of your pool along with the associated costs is also an issue. Then there is one major question, especially for colder climates like in New Hampshire. How much will you get to enjoy your swimming pool each year before cold weather forces you to shut it down?

Pools vs. Swim Spas: Key Differences

For each of these considerations, there is a solution that you may not have considered. A swim spa is an excellent alternative to a traditional swimming pool. A swim spa is similar to a hot tub in some ways. It can be installed in the ground like a pool, or it can stand above ground as a very economical alternative. That difference can save you well over $10,000. The average price of a swimming pool is $38,307 vs. $24,800 for a swim spa. The difference in installation is 3 days for swim spa vs. 2 weeks for a swimming pool.
With the built-in jets, you can swim miles in your swim spa without ever having to turn. In the average swimming pool, you would have to turn over 60 times just to swim one mile!
Since a swim spa is lined and heated like a hot tub, it requires far less maintenance, and it can be used all year round. Each swim spa comes with a cover, a necessity for safety and maintenance. Speaking of maintenance, a traditional pool costs around $1,000 per year, while a swim spa costs half that to maintain.

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