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Afforable Backyard Pools – Overland Park, KS

Afforable Backyard Pools – Overland Park, KS

Semi-inground Pools – Overland Park, Kansas

Combine the benefits of an above ground pool and an inground swimming pool with a semi-inground pool from Recreation Wholesale. Semi-inground pools are priced much closer to above-ground pools and can be customized by adding decking, pavers or landscaping to create the appearance of an inground pool.

They are aesthetically pleasing and can be sunken partially or almost entirely submerged into the ground. Semi-inground pools are perfect for a variety of backyards and can be built into a slope or surrounded by decking, stone, tile or even concrete to compliment the look of your Overland Park home and yard.

Stealth semi-inground pool-Overland Park,m KS

Benefits of Semi-inground Pools

Fast, Easy Installation

Typically the installation of a traditional inground pool requires digging and preparation of the ground which can take weeks. Additionally, if your yard is not level, it may take even longer to level the ground. A new semi-inground pool can be installed in a couple of days without causing a huge disruption to your backyard.

Extremely Durable

Semi-inground pools are manufactured from chemical and UV-resistant steel which is impact resistant, can withstand the high pressures you find at the bottom of a deep pool — and they come with a lifetime guarantee.

Cost Effective

Semi-inground pools are much more affordable when compared to a fully inground pool. You can use your savings towards comfy and stylish outdoor furniture or maybe a new BBQ / Outdoor Kitchen or bar!

Aesthetically Pleasing Appearance

Enjoy your pool and enjoy your view! Without the tall walls of an above-ground pool, semi-inground pools can seamlessly integrate into your landscaping to create the perfect backyard oasis.

Semi-inground pool-Overland Park

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