Hot Tub Blowout

Hot Tub Grand Opening Sale

Hot tub blowout

Buyer beware of the hot tub grand opening sale that is rolling into town this weekend. The hot tub blowout uses 1-800-spa-sale as its title and is being held 12505 Hemlock St, Overland Park, KS 66213 . Shows like this have become very popular all over the country in recent years. It sounds like a great opportunity to save thousands on a hot tub or swim spa purchase because it is several manufacturers competing for your business. They even specifically mention it’s your opportunity to compare different manufacturers in one place. In reality, it’s a team of extremely high-pressure salespeople bluffing consumers into making a pressured decision on a major purchase.

How do they work?

The average sale is 20% higher at a hot tub blowout sale than typical local dealer charges for an equal product. There is only one company involved and they are not a manufacturer in most cases.  This weekend’s show appears to be either Hawkeye Spas, Barefoot Spas or Master Spas. At this time no one is answering the 800 number and the web site doesn’t show a brand. Typically, a quality spa manufacturer doesn’t need to sell its products by bait and switch high-pressure sales team at weekend shows like the hot tub blowout. They are now calling the sale a hot tub grand opening sale but only last 3 days.

Why avoid them?

As much as we at Recreation Wholesale hate to cast a negative light on anything to do with the spa industry, this type of business practice needs to be examined closely before a purchase is made. Make sure you research the company you buy from (at this point, we couldn’t identify what company is actually taking your money) and check it out. Don’t be fooled by internet review sites that are not independent. It’s easy to put up a site and put tons of bogus reviews. A spa is a MAJOR purchase and should bring years of enjoyment and quality time for your family. Even the best-made spas in the world require service and training. A poorly manufactured spa can require a TON of repairs. The brands listed above do not have a local service presence. The hot tub blowout salesman will tell you they have contract service people in Kansas City. This means you will be relying on someone that did not sell you the spa to repair for a very small fee.

Feel free to browse our premium line of Jacuzzi spas and rest assured that you are buying the best.

Reasons To Buy From a Local Company

When you buy from a local dealer, you get more than just a piece of equipment. Local hot tub dealers offer the friendliest customer service in town and can answer any questions you have about buying, owning, or maintaining your hot tub. Additionally, they are often better equipped to assist with repairs and maintenance when issues arise. Plus, being members of the local community, they’re more likely to stand by their product and offer help when you need it.

So don’t get caught up in a hot tub blowout sale. Visit your local Jacuzzi dealer today and find out why buying from a trusted, knowledgeable source is always the best way to go!


Keep your money in Kansas City. You’ll be glad you did.