Hot Tubs

Recreation Wholesale is fast become the place to go for new hot tubs. Searching for hot tubs can be incredibly confusing in today’s day and age because of the internet and the volume of hot tubs found online. A quick search for hot tubs will show a customer’s hot tub prices anywhere from $999. to $20,000. To say the very least it’s confusing. To compound it further, most hot tubs look the same. Looks are where the similarities end. A large percentage of hot tubs in today’s market is being produced in China. The problems with Chinese hot tubs stem from three main issues. First, there is no such thing as a residential hot tub in China. Culturally they do not use them, therefore they don’t have any history or expertise in them. The next issue is that they do not have to comply with any US electrical code or quality of manufacturing standards such as UL etc. They can produce stickers that say UL, the tubs are not formally UL listed. Lastly, there is no parts surplus in the US for the replacement market. So, when the hot tubs break, you are typically out of luck. A large percentage of the cost in a hot tub is software-driven so parts are not universal.

As you search for hot tubs on the web you may also notice a significant number of hot tubs that claim to be factory direct. We have found that most of these are low-end domestic hot tubs being sold cheap. If you are trying to sell a hot tub online, you pretty much have to be the cheapest. This translates into cutting corners and using the cheaper components in manufacturing. With a little research, you can easily differentiate the shady hot tub companies and the quality. We recommend looking at the BBB site for starters. You can also look at sites like and your state government systems. If you don’t see significant history online for a hot tub brand, it’s because the manufacturer has probably shut down the old brand and started a new one to avoid some negative posts and reviews.

Remember this, there may be only a few hundred dollars difference in the cost of a locally supplied hot tub and an internet hot tub but a WORLD of difference down the road when issues arrive. Even if you don’t choose Recreation Wholesale for your hot tub, we hope you will support your local dealers. You will be glad you did.